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Bike Plan


  • Include all FREE features
  • Limit 500 reviews when export
  • Add 500 reviews/product
  • 500 activated products with reviews
  • 650 emails review request/ month
  • A2Reviews Block
  • Video reviews, max 100Mb upload each video

Moto Plan


  • All Bike Plan features
  • Limit 1,000 reviews when export
  • Add 1,500 reviews/product
  • 3,000 activated products with reviews
  • 3,500 emails review request/ month
  • Video reviews, max 200Mb upload each video

Car Plan


  • All Moto Plan features
  • Limit 3,000 reviews when export
  • Add 10,000 reviews/product
  • Unlimited activated products with reviews
  • 15,000 emails review request/ month
  • Video reviews, max 300Mb upload each video

Free Plan: After installation you are ready to use the free plan with corresponding limited privileges. Maximum of 20 products have reviews. Maximum number of reviews per product is 50 reviews. You can send a review request every month through each completed order or successfully sent order, the maximum number of submissions is 50 requests per month, corresponding to 50 orders per month.

If you have higher needs, choose a suitable plan above.

Powerful Import Reviews
The automated process makes getting reviews very simple. You can also import the reviews of your product from Amazon or Aliexpress.
Smart editor
Its editor review system is very smart and convenient. In conclusion, fast-import, easy editor.
Real-time Notification
It is real-time and compatible with its technology stack, notifying it’s users almost instantly.


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